Red Ridin' by Milena Gomez

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Written Expressions
Erotic FairyTale
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Blurb: Tomboy Priscilla, better known as Little Red, wants to break free. She's not so little anymore and she wants to experience pleasures unknown to her.

Matt Wolf wants one thing and one thing only. He wants Little Red in his bed and he knows how to get it, even though he'd failed to do so.

Jason Hunter knows that protecting Little Red is something he was born to do, even without Little Red's consent or her grandmother's endless plea to protect her, he would always do so. But when Little Red proves to have other plans for Wolf and him, things get complicated and Hunter cannot seem to say no to her advances.

One woman, two men. One hot tale of ridin' men.

Review: Read any retellings of classic fairytales? Dirty retellings? I have. I have actually read quite a few and I have to say that I enjoy most. Some more than others but I like to see authors put a fresh spin on the classic tale.

Ms Gomez has. there were a couple times when the story slowed, but the heat was HOT and the story sound. This fresh spin was a clean breath of air among so many red Riding Hood stories that seem to follow the same pattern.  It is worth a look :)

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