Boomerang by Judith Rochelle

Story: 9
Presentation: 10
Total: 19
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
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Blurb: The Protectors

When Katja "Kat" Lombardo wakes up near the dead body of her partner with a gun in her hand and no memory of what happened, she calls on the only person she trusts to help her—Zak Delaney, the lover she abandoned two years ago. Now Zak must put aside his anger toward Kat in order to find the real killers before he once again loses the woman he loves...this time for good.

Review: The cover was eye-catching. Editing was good. The place descriptions were excellent. Being a native Texan, there is nothing more annoying to me than an author writing information that is incorrect. This story had no misinformation about the settings. I really enjoyed reading the accurate descriptions of places I have actually been.

I learned something new. When the story described a Taurus pistol as being made in South America, I thought "Wait a minute! " My husband has a Taurus and he is almost a fanatic about buying only American made goods. I asked him and he told me that the weapon is made in Brazil and imported legally only to Miami, Florida.

I wouldn't mind reading more by this author.

The characters are well developed. Kat, the heroine, is brave, is fearful, is smart and self assured, is foolish and makes, what she, herself, describes as stupid mistakes, is calm, and is irrational at times. Zak is a typical hero who saves the day. he is handsome, well built, successful and is very brave, The many other characters also have real personalities. There are good guys and bad guys and then there are the really horrible mean bad guys.

The opening pages are a real attention getter. She wakes up in a party dress, has a gun in her hand, sees the dead bloody body of her business partner on the floor and CAN'T REMEMBER A THING. She leaves her partner's home, running bare-footed, when she hears sirens approaching. Kat knows she will be a suspect in this crime. She can't find her car, so she calls Zak to come get her. Zak is her ex-fiance who has a security business. Of course they had a nasty parting of the ways two years ago, but he helps her anyway.

The excitement and intrigue continue building after that exciting beginner. When I was thinking, things can't get any more drastic, something even more exciting happened. Police who want a quick solving of this murder case, Texas Rangers, Homeland Security forces, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, local bad guys , money launderers, drug cartel members, Russians, and even terrorists play their parts in this action packed romance. The tension and suspense were constantly building and when my husband interrupted me to ask what was for supper, I wanted to tell him to "go away!" There are hints throughout about who the real enemies are, but the revealing of their identity was a surprise to me.

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