Fractured by Sandra Sookoo

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Erotic Futuristic Romance
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Blurb: Major Rick Keenan has a difficult mission: repair his broken shuttle, rescue a missing crew member and get off a near-dead planet. Angry that the U.S. is discontinuing the space program, he wants to find a discovery that will revise the government's position. Unfortunately, that discovery might just kill him, not to mention put his libido, on a quick launch sequence.

Marin is one of the last of her people. Forced to flee to the planet in her childhood, she's kept herself hidden away in darkness, safe in a castle-like fortress, only coming out when she needs to feed--from human blood. Convinced she'll never fit in, she shuns all contact, yet taking Rick hostage as a food source chips away at her perceptions even as he ignites her desire.

Though their differences threaten to tear them apart, their humanity binds them together. In a world where only the strong and determined survive, does a happily ever after stand a chance?

Review: Fractured is a futuristic tale set in the year, 2061. While trying to keep Earth's space program alive, Major Rick Keenan discovers the love of his life. Willing to give up everything he knows, in order to build a life with his purple hued, blood-sucking mate, Rick hopes his choice will not only save the space program but help him achieve his life long goal of learning from and uniting alien cultures.

Ms. Sookoo, has done a wonderful job of creating a fairy-tale romance with Sci-Fi roots. It's a beauty and the beast tale in which the author successfully unites a blood-sucking beast with a space hero. The sex scenes are sweet. Each is realistic and descriptive enough to be considered mildly hot without giving in to the purple prose monster. Fractured is a quick, fun, thoroughly enjoyable read and one I would highly recommend.

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