While You Were Dead by CJ Snyder

While You Were Dead (Black Fire)Story:7
Presentation: 7
Total: 14
Publisher: Self Published

Blurb: The day Max faked his own death to complete a Black Fire mission as a sniper, he callously broke Kat’s heart, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now, after ten years, he’s back. Even if Kat can forgive him, how will she overcome her family’s legacy of murder and insanity? When a revengeful madman from the past threatens their fragile family, will Kat and Max learn to trust each other in time to save their daughter?

Review: What's a woman to do when she sees the man she thought was dead standing in front of her? Do a double take, pinch herself and beg to wake up from a dream?
Kat is a mixture of things when she faces Max. But there isn't a lot of time for the two to catch up. But their reunion bugged me a bit. It was a little unrealistic. I couldn't feel Kat's emotions when she first saw Max. She accepted it like it was a simple thing.
Other than that part, the storyline flowed well. Kat and Max are on a race against time to find a little girl that is very important to the two of them. The editing is decent, but there are quite a few times that two words are spaced together when they shouldn't be.
CJ Snyder puts together a tale of intrigue, action, and plenty of suspense. The tensions between Kat and Max are high and it makes for some great scenes. If you are a fan of c suspense, I recommend While You Were Dead. I'm anxious to see what else this author has in store.

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