Chasing Her Tail by Katie Allen

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Paranormal Erotic

Blurb: As a first-grade teacher, Bridget thinks she’s prepared for anything a classroom of six-year-olds can throw at her. So it’s a bit of a shock when she’s bitten by a were-puppy and transformed into a dog.

As if peeing outside, excessive furriness and squirrel-chasing urges aren’t enough, it seems as if everyone is after Bridget—including a billionaire with an unhealthy interest in the paranormal, and Micah, the smoking-hot uncle of her were-puppy student.

When she takes refuge with Hammer, a kind stranger who has the body of a god and feeds her hamburgers, Bridget thinks she’s safe. Micah’s hot on her trail, however, and the crazy billionaire isn’t about to let a were-dog slip through his fingers. Meanwhile, Hammer is determined to discover the truth about the mysterious woman who visits his bedroom at night—wearing nothing but a black leather collar.

Chasing Her Tail features a cameo by Hammer’s friends Harry, Beth and Ky. Get to know the trio more…intimately…in Katie Allen’s One-Two Punch.

Review: Oh My God! This book is hilarious! I have never wanted to be a dog until now. Ms. Allen has thought of everything. From her first transformation, Bridget is stumbling to find her way in a dog eat dog world. (Thank god Micah is also a dog and dog eating is on the menu. In addition to great oral sex, she, Micah and Hammer also like a lot of anal play) Anything goes with this trio so be prepared to be turned on. But don’t worry about any ick factors. There is only hot, turn-me-on sex in human form.

Bridget is the center of the story, but the developing relationship between Micah and Hammer adds a devilishly delightful element. This fresh, fun novel turns a typical shifter story on it’s ears. Exciting, sexy, funny as hell. This one is a must read for any dog lover. If you aren’t a dog lover, you will be after reading Chasing Her Tail.

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