The Intruder by Anna Leigh Keaton

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Contemporary Erotic
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Blurb: Welcome to The Pleasure Club, where fantasy becomes reality.She’s tried therapy, self-defense classes, rearranged her entire life so she doesn’t sleep at night, but nothing has alleviated her fear of the dark—of the things that go bump in the night. Now she’s turned to The Pleasure Club to recreate the night that ruined her life. To recreate it and fix it, change it so she comes out the victor. But things never go as they should, and her Pleasure Master is so much more than the faceless intruder she expected.

Review: SMOKIN!!! This isn't the first title that I have read by Ms Keaton, and it damned sure won't be the last! With her magical way of crafting a story, Ms Keaton brings emotions to the surface and lets you feel EVERYTHING!

This author is a must read for all erotic lovers as she keeps you captivated, interested, quivering and it all ends with a smile.

Never one to disappoint, Ms Keaton is a force to be reckoned with in the E-Pub market!

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