Winter Song by Roberta Gellis

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Historical Romance
Blurb: Alys of Marlow was a simple knight’s daughter, Raymond d’Aix was of the high nobility. But Alys and Raymond had fallen deep in love when Raymond was in England, and Alys’ dowry was large enough to make Alys acceptable to Raymond’s father. But in taking hold of that dowry, Alys makes a deadly enemy.

Worse, Raymond’s mother is not pacified by the rich dowry. Lady Jeannette resolves to make Raymond hate Alys and control him herself. She causes a violent quarrel between Raymond and Alys just at the time Raymond must go off to deal with his father’s vassals.

At that critical moment comes the news that Raymond’s grandfather is dead. Raymond’s father must hurry to the court of Louis of France to save Aix from a harsh overlord and Alys must somehow get her hysterical mother-by-marriage and sisters-by-marriage to the capital of Provence to attend Raymond-Berenger’s funeral. Alys gets caught up in an attempt to abduct the heiress of Provence, and Raymond must rescue Alys from an unassailable fortress.
Review: Ah, a bullheaded woman in a man’s world. Is there nothing more irritating to men?

Ms. Gellis has done a wonderful job capturing the landscape and creating such unique characters. From the feisty Alys whom gets as much done as she gets into trouble, down to the common serf folk who are meek and terrified of the noble woman. I loved certain characters, and hated others – however, in my mind, those characters were meant to be disliked.

Bravo Ms. Gellis! I hope to see more from you.

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