Desire's Awakening by Gail DeYoung

Story: 9.5
Presentation: 9.5
Total: 19
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Erotic BDSM
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Blurb: “Submission…the most intimate exchange of power. If this is your goal, let me take you to your limits and beyond.” When Kaitlin reads the Trainer’s ad, she is compelled to answer it. She secretly desires the D/s lifestyle. From the moment their eyes meet, she knows this is what she wants. But nothing could have prepared her for living in the Trainer’s house with six other trainees and a jealous Switch. And she never could have expected her intense attraction to the one man she can’t have.

Sir Damien doesn’t understand why the new girl is so intriguing. He has trained many girls in the D/s lifestyle, yet he’s never felt a connection to any of them. It has been easy to remain professional with the girls. This one should have been no different. But somehow she is, and his lust for her is spiraling out of control.
Reader Advisory: Kaitlin’s erotic training is varied and involves some female/female interaction.

Review: Holy Knocking Kneecaps!!!! WOW! I am not sure that I can really get across how rocking this story was but I fully intend to try. If you have never indulged in a hard core BDSM novel but have always been curious, here is a great one to start with. It really delves into the lifestyle and shows the reader all aspects.

Riveting, gut clenching, captivating. Filled with characters that really come to life and jump off the pages. Rocking sex that pushes the limits and goes beyond for those of us who are used to Vanilla :) Totally smoking with an ending that makes it all worth it, though the story itself was well worth every word and then some.

Ms DeYoung has definitely earned herself a die hard fan. I will be on the buy page when her next release hits the web :)

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