Calder by Allyson James

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Erotic Light BDSM

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Blurb: Calder is Shareem. Genetically created to be the ultimate in sexual pleasure. A level three, he’s mysterious, rough, dangerous. That was before an experiment gone wrong at the DNAmo lab…

Now Calder is something else. He is The Beast. A being women fear even as they beg to be “hunted” in his pleasure palace. And he gives his clients everything they want and more, his sexual skills legendary, his waiting list long…until Katarina.

As a highborn woman, Katarina should shun all Shareem. Yet the compassionate young doctor works in Pas City, one of Bor Narga’s worst slums, voluntarily treating all lower classes. And Shareem are considering the lowest of the low. One taste of Calder, however, and she wants more than sex with The Beast—she wants the love of Calder the man.

Suddenly Calder is feeling emotions he’s never known. But even if he can overcome the pain of his past at DNAmo, an obsessed client could steal away Katarina’s love before he has a chance to return it.

Review: Yeah Baby! Whewww! I need a cold drink and a hot cabana boy after reading this one :) I found it amazing that the author was able to keep me so interested, not only in the awesome sex and play, but in the story itself. Ms James deserves major *SNAPS* for this one;) Not only was the hero a tortured soul who can bring untold pleasure, the heroine finds a way to break through his walls and work her way into his emotions. Emotions he has never had before.

A couple of nice menage scenes and some sweet bondage play make this little novel a worth while read for anyone who likes it a bit rough but loves a happy ending. Hats off to you, Ms James, I applaud your talent and can't wait to read more

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