Nerd Gone Wild by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Story: 9

Presentation: 10

Total: 19

Publisher: St Martins Press

Contemporary Romance

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Blurb: Inheriting a fortune means less to Ally Jarrett than fulfilling her real dream: to take off for the wilds of Alaska and photograph animals. Unfortunately, she's also inherited her grandmother's personal assistant--an overprotective nerd who couldn't survive a snowball fight.
As a PI and bodyguard, Mitchell Caruthers is the perfect man to protect his late employer's granddaughter. However, keeping his geek-masquerade--and the secret behind his real mission--isn't easy when the freeze between Ally and Mitchell begins to melt.
Yet all's not well in this sub-zero paradise. Ally's bad seed uncle is staking a claim on the family inheritance with a dangerous masquerade of his own. With Ally's life in danger, it's time for her right-hand nerd to expose the real man undercover, and prove himself to the vulnerable body he's been hired to guard.

Review: OMG! The more I read the harder I laugh, I just can't stop! A town name Porcupine, Alaska and a hotel called the Loose Moose Lodge. Are you laughing yet? What if I toss in the fact that Betsy, the hotel owner, has been married 7 times, her bedroom looks like a Victorian whorehouse, her buns bobble and curtsy each other beneath her black stretch pants and she is having wild monkey sex with the local bar owner! When you couple that with the hilarious mouse scene and the super studly bodyguard who is posing as a geek, all you need is this book and a comfy place to curl up and read it cover to cover.

Again, Ms Thompson has done a Snappy good job at turning Geek to Chic!

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