Love American Style by Nadalia Bagratuni

Story: 2
Presentation: 5
Total: 7
Publisher: Mystic Moon Press
Contemporary Erotic 17 Pages
Blurb: Julie Snyder was born into the thirteenth generation of the United States. The generation that probably wouldn't do as well as their parents. Just two generations past the greatest generation, Julie represents a new and different outlook for our society. A society without defined borders or morals. She discovers when she attends college just exactly what Love American Style means in the twenty first century. Her grandparents were part of the Greatest Generation and she is fighting like to hell not to become part of America's Last Generation.
Review: Oy Vey! I am just not sure where to begin. The story starts with a typical family going on summer vacation. Low and behold the parents tell the kids during the car ride that they are getting divorced and will be spending their vacation separately. Mom with daughter and father with son. That in itself is not bad, but when mom starts telling daughter she should start wearing skimpier clothes and she might get lucky.......well, not my idea of a "mom". Here is one of the quotas from mom to daughter.......
"Why not, if you dress the part, you may get lucky. Besides you have been so tense lately I figure a good fucking would really help you out." This is from a mother to her college age daughter. and by college I gather that the girl is a freshman in college so we are talking about 18 maybe 19.
At one point mom and daughter go on a double date together. Mom takes her date into the bushes for a quickie while daughter finds out that her date is just with her so he can screw the mom. Suddenly mom rushes out of the woods alone, her boyfriend has croaked. Daughter goes to the body to take care of it because mom doesn't want anyone to know she fucked him to death. It would ruin her sex life.
While daughter is taking care of the body, mom gives the daughters date a BJ so he won't say anything about what happened.
Then daughter goes over seas, bangs a Count. Mom lets her know she is getting married to a man daughter assumes is her dad. She goes to the wedding only to find out the man her mom is marrying is the Count she was banging, while he dad is marrying the daughters roommate!
HOLY CRAP! I know, I know, I just ruined the story for you. :) But tell me, do you still want to read it?

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KyAnn Waters said...

OMG that is freakin hilarious! And not in a good way

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