Hotter Than Hell by Kathleen Scott

Story: 8.5

Presentation: 8.5

Total: 17

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal Erotic 143 Pages

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Blurb: Fallen angels never have it easy. So it is with Damon Serif, who’s just landed the most difficult assignment possible—protecting his sexy neighbor, Ivy Hawthorne, from a hoard of water demons bent on making her their queen. Though keeping the smoking-hot costume designer out of evil’s clutches is something he’s trained centuries for, Damon knows the real challenge is having her close without tasting her charms and indulging in her rather unique perspectives.Ivy’s luck is finally changing. After years of designing costumes for off-Broadway plays, she’s finally got a shot at the brass ring. But now, her sizzling neighbor is following her around the city, insisting she’s the target of a demonic conspiracy. What’s more, his mere touch causes her body to climax with an intensity of which she’d only dreamed.When Damon and Ivy connect, even the demons feel the heat, because together they are...Hotter Than Hell.

Review: SWEET! A great little read that has a wonderful dose of demons, angels and hot steamy sex. What woman doesn't want a super sexy stud to swoop in, make her feel sexy and wanted, and keep her safe when the nasties of the world come knocking on her door? This story definitly delivered on all aspects! A nifty spin on the traditional demons that gave this story it's own flare.

And did you take a look at that cover? Holy Smokin Stud Muffin, Gina! What I wouldn't give to have THAT in my house......or bed :) either one would do nicely.

At $4.50 the story is well worth the money. I certainly hope Ms Scott continues to allow us glimpses into her paranormal world, and if they all contain the heat like this one, I am sure they will all be as well received :)

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