Yes Professor by Anne Tory

Story: 8

Presentation: 8

Total: 16

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

American Historical 55 pages

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Blurb: Patience Winters’ world is about to turn upside down. After two years as personal assistant to the stern and striking Professor Richmond at the Women’s Academy, her term is about to end. Achingly in love with him, Patience longs for the professor to give her a reason to stay. Desperate for some hint he might feel the same way, Patience steals a peek at her mentor’s secret journal and discovers his scandalous fantasies. But how can she let the professor know she’s in on his secret? Her typical breathless "yes, Professor" has never meant so much.

Review: Yes, Professor. Oh yes, Professor! Oh Yes! YES! YES!!!
Okay, so you can see Yes, Professor is a titillating short story. This book comes with a hot rating—as it should.

Patience is instantly attracted to the handsome Professor Richmond. He presents her with an opportunity to work at a new school for girls, she embraces the chance and spends the next two years fantasizing about him. When she discovers his naughty tastes run similar to hers, she decides to take matters into her own hands (or fingers as she’d been apt to do in the story in a very erotic way).

I loved this story. I loved that Patience is curious but also adventurous. Professor Richmond has met his match; he just doesn’t know it yet. A naughty nibble to satisfy your craving for something forbidden.

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