The High Life by Terry Sanville

Story: 7

Presentation: 8

Total: 15

Publisher: Eternal Press

Sci Fi Romance 27 Pages

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Blurb: A futuristic tale of desperation, lust and greed, with a conclusion that will keep you thinking long after the story ends.By 2098, the rise in sea level has flooded low-lying areas along the Southern California coast. The flooding has created a patchwork of marsh islands where the displaced “dung people” live – subsistence fishermen and farmers…the future’s untouchables. The affluent live high above the marshland, in condominiums bolted to the underside of old freeway flyovers. Jacque lives in a posh end unit and is the CEO of an international trading company. She discovers Desmond, a handsome dark-skinned “dungee,” trying to steal crops grown on her balcony. She helps him escape from the murderous Security Forces. When they meet again on a moonlit night, their attraction leads to passionate lovemaking. But can love and lust overcome their differences? Create a lasting bond? Don’t assume anything about this story, because the ending may surprise you.

Review: With out a doubt the blurb doesn't lie.....the ending is a whopper! Not sure that I would classify this as a happy ever after......well I guess it depends on what character I am referring to :) Jacque is happy at the end....What? Did you really expect me to tell you the ending? Nope, I can't do that, it has to hit you just as hard as it did me.

Even though the ending wasn't what I expected, and I really don't think that it qualifies as a romance (IMHO) it was still a good story, one that will definitely make you think about the what if's in life and the future.

The story is full of imagination and even though there are some "futuristic gadgets" the author did a good job making sure you aren't stuck wondering what in the hell she is talking about, and for that I have to give major props. I usually find myself scrambling trying to figure out what the author is trying to portray. Not an issue in this one.

A cute, short read, go check it out :)

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