Eternal Rapture by KyAnn Waters

Story: 9

Presentation: 9

Total: 18

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Erotic 51 Pages

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Blurb: Long ago on the shore of the Sea of the Arabah five brothers were born…all immortal. To defend their destiny they must protect their eternal love. Selene Farrell wasn't herself…or was she? Since arriving at Anthony Mager's remote castle to appraise ancient emeralds, she's been thrown back and forth in an erotic history lesson. In each memory, the man of the castle kissed, inflamed…bloody well fucked the life out of her. Her drenched panties couldn't take another orgasm — real or imagined.However, she's also remembered her death. How is that possible? And will discovering the truth once again put her life in danger?

Review: Turn down the A/C ladies, this story is a scorcher! WOW, who would have thought that a bunch of dusty old emeralds could crank up the heat? Well, when one of them is a hand crafted emerald dildo made for Cleopatra.......well, you get the idea :) Ms Waters really knows how to lite a fire and make it burn, Burn, BURN! Filled with totally rocking sex, and characters that really reach out grab you, this is another winner from an author who is fast becoming one of this reviewers favs.

I was a little confused during the first "memory" but found out really quick what it was all about and the rest just added to the erotic twist in the story. My favorite is when he....oh I can't tell you that! But let me just say I will NEVER look at my dining room table the same :)

With clean editing, fantastic story telling and a great price, what more could a girl want? A sexy stud to go along with it? :) I can't help you there. I am in line for my own hot stud!

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