Wanted:Gentleman Bank Robber by Dane Batty

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Nish
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Burb: What do you think of when you hear about someone on the FBI’s Most Wanted List? Hardened criminals, without morals or any sense of right and wrong, ready to solve a dispute with a gun, right? But what if things weren’t that cut and dried? What if the nice guy you hired to hook up your cable was Number Seven on the FBI’s list? Les Rogge looks and acts just like your next–door neighbor. Yet in twenty years he robbed more than 30 banks without firing a shot. Caught and put in jail twice, he escaped—and went sailing around the Caribbean with his wife and dog! In Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber: The True Story of Leslie Ibsen Rogge, One of the FBI’s Most Elusive Criminals, Les details his adventures from Alaska to Antigua, the Chesapeake to Cancun. But it all came to a halt when a fourteen-year-old in Guatemala forced him to turn himself in. Few felons have been as forthcoming about their successes, failures, robbery techniques, passion for sailing vessels… and love for his wife.

Review: This is not normally the type of book that I pick up to read for pleasure but I have to say that I was surprised :)

Very interesting andengaging. This is one of those books that you just can't seem to put down. Like watching a true crime reality show on TV, it just kept me pulled in and reading until I was finished.

This was one that was just so over the top interesting that I had to take a chance on it and I am super glad I did. I think I have some friends who will be getting copies for Christmas :)

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