Xavier's Loving Arms by KT Grant

Story: 10
Presentation: 10
Total: 20
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Contemporary Romance
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Blurb: Xavier Marks has the looks, great job, and more than enough money to throw around. The only thing missing is a woman by his side. He hasn’t had much luck in love since he caught his fiancée’ cheating on him, and isn’t too happy about his current bachelor status. But that may all change when a cute barista from a coffee shop catches his eye. Perhaps she can help him lick his wounds?

Life hasn’t always been too kind to Rebecca Price. She hides a shameful secret that still threatens to destroy her. With a grandmother suffering from dementia, and the threat of foreclosure on her childhood home, she may have no choice but to turn to a possessive ex-boyfriend who won’t settle for anything less than marriage. She’s ready to give up all hope when a suave, yet seemingly kind-hearted man enters her life and comes to her rescue.

Rebecca is wary of placing her trust in Xavier, who wants to be more than a shoulder for her to lean on. But as the two grow close, Rebecca’s guilt over her past continues to haunt her. Xavier wants to show Rebecca that the one place she can feel whole and at peace is in his loving arms.

Review: Rebecca is at the end of her rope, her life cannot possible get any worse. Her grandmother is suffering from Dementia ,in order to try to save her beloved home she works to extremely awful jobs and to top it all of her ex-boyfriend as turned into a weirdo who is constantly harassing her. But like for us all she has good days and she also has some bad days but she is not the kind of woman to give up she believes that one day it will all work out for.

There is also Xavier the waiter who works with Rebecca at her awful second job who has been checking her out on more than one occasion however Rebecca is damaged goods and believes that Xavier is just as much of a shallow woman using man as her ex and she will not go down that path again ever !

But just like Rebecca, Xavier is not the type to give up on what he wants. So begins the tale of two people fighting the attraction for each other without realizing that they each can actually save each other and be happy.

The author really does surprise me, she brings the heat between the two characters to such a intense sizzle that you cannot help rooting for them to sort through their different obstacles.

The author does introduce us to a fabulous damaged woman and the man that saves her, and as for Xavier, man is the character hot ! This is book 3 from a series (according to some research) which I found out just before I stared reading and and I kind of thought that it was going to be one of those where I would be able to follow anything as I have not read the others but after the first few pages it really does get very intriguing and I carried on and was delightfully surprised that without the other books I could still follow exactly what each character brings to the story and it did not feel like I was missing anything.

Definitely a great read !

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