Like Magic by Anne Holly

Story: 6
Presentation: 9
Total: 15
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press
Erotic Paranormal Romance
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Blurb: Ian Hannigan was having the worst day of his life. A real estate prospect has turned out to be a prank, his car's been stolen and now he’s stranded in the worst neighborhood he can imagine on Halloween night. If he believed in magic, Ian would swear he’s been cursed. Nothing could possibly make this day any worse or better… That is, nothing but Raven, a mysterious occult shop owner who not only claims to be a witch, but insists she's summoned him as the answer to her aching loneliness.

Review: Primal and fast...maybe a bit too fast. Sexual acts begin without so much as a word really between them. I don't know. This one just really didn't strike me. While I found the writing solid and all aspects of plot there, for some reason it just didn't resonate with me.

That aside, I say that perhaps it just wasn't written for me. I do enjoy lite paranormal and I have to say that I know there are folks who would enjoy this one.

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