The Soldier by Grace Burrowes

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: SourceBooks
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Blurb: Even in the quiet countryside he can find no peace...

His idyllic estate is falling down from neglect and nightmares of war give him no rest. Then Devlin St. Just meets his new neighbor...

Until his beautiful neighbor ignites his imagination...

With her confident manner hiding a devastating secret, his lovely neighbor commands all of his attention, and protecting Emmaline becomes Deviln’s most urgent mission.

Review: WOW! I have read Ms Burrowes work before but this one was really good.

Capticating and moving, the reality of the story and characters just jumps off the page and pulls you in :) I just love it when the author can create such deep meaningfull characters that by the time the book is over I feel as though I have made a few new friends. Emotional involvment. Grace Burrowes is an artist :)

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