Mercury Rising by Daisy Harris

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
m-m paranormal erotic romance
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Blurb: Take a sexy romp with the gods in this hilarious and hot ménage!

Over-extended - and closeted - charmer Mercury the Messenger struggles to accommodate all the factions of the Deities International Conference and Kibbitz. However, his skills at diplomacy stretch to the limit when the object of a chance tryst turns out to be his assistant, and his arranged fiancée arrives at the scene.

Dillon Rodriquez, Mercury's executive aide and a soon-to-be MBA student, refuses to be the closeted god's side-dish. But when an accident at the conference strands the god in the human world, Dillon agrees to act as his guide.

Traveling from San Diego down the Baja Coast to Cabo, Mercury experiences a side of life he never imagined, and he learns that if he wants to earn the love of the one man who matters, he has to stop trying to please everyone else.

Warning: contains male-male loving, male-female loving, male-male-female loving, male-male-male...well, you get the idea!

Review: What a fantastic roller coaster ride of a story. Unique, entertaining, hot and satisfying. Regardless if you love m/m romance or not, this book is a charmer for sure. Mercury is perfection in a character. He was so endearing to me as a reader. Dillon reminded me a ferocious chihuahua. He had a fiery temper, a caustic personality and was completely lovable. He was the perfect match for Mercury and proves opposites attract.

Ms. Harris’ gift is in the ability to weave numerous story threads together seemingly effortlessly. The story is layered with memorable characters, but none overshadows the story. They interweave in a tapestry of tales that entertains, arouses, and leaves you spent. Filled with gods and goddesses, some thrilling suspense peppered in, and action that never ends. This fantasy novel is one to remember. Excellent, solid storytelling. A book you can’t put down.

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