Cowboy Love on Hold by Luxie Ryder

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Erotic Contemporary Menage
Publisher: Siren Publishing
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Blurb: When retired Special Op Brandon Reed comes back to Chelwood, he doesn't expect to find his high school buddy Wade Gardener still living in town with the woman Brandon used to date, Kimber Williams. It hurts him to see that they have taken back their love for him and given it to each other.

Kimber doesn't know why Brandon deserted her as a teenager, and although madly in love with Wade, she has never gotten over Brandon. But Wade has his own issues to deal with. He knows the real reason why Brandon left town so suddenly, but he's never confessed his true feelings for Brandon to the woman he adores, or even to himself.

Just as Brandon begins to fear there is no room in their hearts for him, the past comes back to haunt him, and he is thrown into a desperate struggle to save their lives.

Review: Okay, let’s get the suspense aspects of the story out of the way first. Oh my gosh, it was fun, exciting, entertaining. Twists and turns, suspenseful situations…that didn’t take over the story. Yay! If you want suspense action as a backdrop to an engaging love story, this book is for you. I can say, it is just the kind of story I love. The characters are memorable, and the development of their love wasn’t rushed with rapid sex scenes that don’t contribute to the plot. Ms. Ryder, you’re good. You’re very good at marrying hot sex with wicked good storytelling. As much as I loved the angsty love between Brandon and Wade, I loved how you made Kimber vital to the relationship. She wasn’t left out, even when she wasn’t with them. The story doesn’t drag, great characters, emotional-tummy-tugging sex scenes. This is a great story and a great start to a series I intend to follow.

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Luxie Ryder said...

Oh wow! Thank you SO much for this wonderful review! I was thrilled to discover you enjoyed the story and loved Brandon, Wade and Kimber almost as much as I do. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series.

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