Begging For It by Miranda Forbes

Story: 7
Presentation: 8
Total: 15
Publisher: Xcite
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Blurb: A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.
'Begging for It' by Emily Dubberley
When she meets Jake in a Japanese language class he wants to take advantage of her, but he has unwittingly met his match. She invites him home and changes into her Domme gear. He is aroused and curious, and when she binds him and orders him to use his mouth to pleasure her, he obeys eagerly. After he brings her to climax, will she return the favour? Not so fast. Any reward he gets from her has to be earned.
'The Fitting Room' by Roger Frank Selby
Laetitia, a lingerie saleslady, wonders if her last boyfriend was right when he called her "frigid." Then Mr. and Mrs. Brown come into the shop to find something special for the Mrs. to wear. Laetitia lets the older woman try on her own custom-made bra, and it fits perfectly. Mr. Brown enjoys the sight of Laetitia's firm young breasts, and before long, Laetitia and the Browns are the best of friends. Unfortunately, Laetitia's supervisor returns just in time to be appalled. How will Laetitia find her new friends when she is without a job and they have been barred from the shop? Where there's a will, there's a way.
'My Immortal' by Sally Quilford
Vicky is a young widow who can't stop grieving for her husband James, who died too soon. Spending Christmas in the cottage in Derbyshire where she and James had so much pleasure, she feels a familiar touch and encourages her unseen lover to keep going. Vicky learns that the touching only happens occasionally. On the train home, she meets a warm, sensuous man who is very willing to give her what she needs. Vicky is not ready to form a new relationship, but she knows that she needs to rejoin the living.
'Ladies" Circle' by Kaycie Wolfe
Kate would love to fit in with her new neighbours, the chic ladies of Eden Court Village. Then she discovers her husband Stephen's affair with another woman. How dare he? She gives him a choice: he may leave at once, or submit to her in every way for one month to win back her trust. Kate loves showing off her nearly-naked man-servant to her women friends, and they love watching him perform on command.
'Lorelei's Day of Play' by Chloe Devlin
Lorelei is left alone too often when her husband Charles leaves town on business. Just as she is about to meet the realtor about buying a new house, her neighbours Gina and Martin come over to offer her a bit of distraction! Both of them show Lorelei some exciting activites she has never tried before. And best of all, they plan to help her welcome Charles home.
Review: Begging for it- A steamy little Domme story that really worked well. Hot and nasty, dirty and sexy all at the same time.
The Fitting Room: I just didn’t get it at first. I found parts of this little tale strange and confusing. I understand what the author was doing with this tale but I think the main plot would have worked a bit better is the story hadn’t been so broken up with POV changes and time changes. I stumbled in a few places but overall it was good. Nice a hot in the right places.
My Immortal: Maybe not as erotic and detailed as I would have liked but a good tale that was easy to follow.
Ladies’ Circle: A woman who takes hold of her inner Domme toward a husband who has strayed. Really more of a tale than an erotica but it was good. I could have done with some more titillation and description but all in all it was a well done story.
Lorelei’s Day of Play: HOT, Kinky…Yeah baby! Without a doubt IMHO the best story in the collection. Dirty, detailed and fast paced. Filled to the brim with naughty sex and worth every minute J

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