A Winter Tale: With Marshmallows by Stephanie Beck

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Paranormal Shapeshifter
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Blurb: No winter night is complete without marshmallows.

Pregnant and on the run, Mona Renalds is a werewolf with trouble nipping at her heals. She wants a new life for herself and the twins she’s carrying. Embracing the future can’t happen until she finds an alpha male strong enough to take on her former pack leader.

Chris Meyters is alpha of Haven Pack. Mild mannered and progressive, he tries to reverse the archaic methods of his pack’s previous leaders. When Mona comes into his diner requesting sanctuary, his primitive instinct to claim her nearly consumes him, but he fights himself to give her the choices she was denied in her former pack.

Surrounded by the Pennsylvania winter of snow, sledding parties and creamy cups of hot chocolate, Chris and Mona are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to maintain the domestic bliss they’ve found with each other.

Review: This is a sweet and charming werewolf story…but with amazing depth, action, risk, treachery, and love. Ms. Beck knows how to develop a character. Mona is strong, skilled, a survivalist…who knows when to seek help. Chris is devoted, patient, and everything an Alpha of a pack of werewolves should be. But when it comes to Mona, he’d risk everything to protect his mate.

The story unfolds without lagging sections. The book is enjoyable. The woman in jeopardy storyline was well done then add in that she’s pregnant, and the stakes were raised. There isn’t any graphic content in this book, yet it’s ripe with sexual tension so readers of paranormal are going to enjoy this story. It’s smooth just like hot chocolate with just enough sweetness to make you want another cup.


Stephanie said...

I'm not normally drawn to these types of stories, but this does sound good!! Thanks!

steph beck said...

Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed the story :)
Steph Beck

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