Love and Rockets by Gavin Atlas

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: Excessica
GBLT Erotic
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Blurb: Toby is a young, insecure college counselor by day and a sex slave by night. When he meets Leo, the massively built and gorgeous guardian of his new student client, the mutual attraction is strong. Even though sexually they are a match made in heaven, Leo is frustrated with Toby’s refusal to promise Leo they can get his nephew into Princeton. But there’s a bigger problem: Can Leo rescue Toby from his cruel, unloving master, Mike, and claim Toby for himself?

Warnings: This title includes graphic language, m/m sex, bondage, wax play, and a description of rape. (Note: This story previously appeared in Stuck On You)

Review: The story has a nice easy flow. The characters are memorable, the sexual tension thick, and there is plenty of conflict in the dynamics between Toby and Leo. With any story, there is the goings on the characters do, their jobs, etc, but it’s all just really backdrop for the real story unfolding--the story of a relationship. The relationship aspect of the story I loved. I loved the Leo is a really man’s man and Toby, at the heart of who he is, is a pleaser. He wants everyone to get what they want…eventually even for himself. When he decides Mike isn’t the man for him, (and I hated Mike with good reason) he does show his mettle. The scene will steal your breath and make you ache—almost too much. But then, Leo is there to claim his man. Mr. Altas is a great writer with an easy style. The story pushes buttons and was an entertaining read.

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