Beyond Friends by Xondra Day

Story: 7
Presentation: 7
Total: 14
Publisher: Evernight
m/m contemporary romance
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Blurb: Long time friends and one time lovers, Jack and Rain, are now at a crisis in their relationship. Polar opposites, each harbour romantic feelings for the other, but are afraid to own up to them.

When a tragic event happens in Rain's life, he looks to Jack to help him pick up the pieces, realizing there has only ever been one man in his life that he has truly loved-Jack. But will Jack return his love? Can they ever be more than just friends?

Review: Beyond Friends has many good points. Good development of the characters. There was never a boring part in the story. It’s fast paced. The characters have flaws and needs so there is a nice conflict building between them and that makes the ending all the more satisfying. There were times when I wanted to smack both Jack and Rain for not seeing what was right in front of them. But I think that showed how the author was in tune to men so young. They tend to leap before looking and Rain is a perfect example of this. So for a short story Beyond Friends has a lot of depth. But not without a few bumps along the way for me as a reader. Fast shifts in POV and short choppy scene breaks had me wondering if I was missing paragraphs in the story because of the abruptness. But on the whole this story is worth reading.

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