Father’s Keeper by Parker Ford

Story: 9
Presentation: 8
Total: 17
Publisher: Excessica
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Blurb: Jen's always been a daddy's girl, even though her dad isn't her real dad. She's just now coming home to Pleasant Parks on her way to a brand new life. She's got a thriving sex life, she's had tons of fun, and she's gotten a goodly amount of wildness out of her system.

Gil, her stepfather, welcomes her home with open arms and a huge hug. After all, it’s her home too. He even semi-welcomes (or tries to put on a good show of it) her tagalong guy of the moment Carl. Gil’s all on his own now that Jen’s mother took off and left him for Marty McMurtry. A situation that breaks her heart the more she sees of his solitary life.

The longer Jen’s home, the more she wonders how her mother ever could have walked away from a man like Gil. When her long suppressed feelings for her step father come bubbling to the surface, she’s shocked to find that Gil has his own feelings for her. Emotions and passions and turmoil run high as their torrid affair unfolds.

There are a lot of folks whose tongues would wag if they knew what Jen and Gil were doing together. And as Jen’s relationship with Carl fractures and she tries to deal with her haunting resentments toward her mother, she almost doesn’t notice herself falling hard for her stepfather. Almost.

Review: The style of writing is easy on the eyes. The words flow off the page and into your mind and as you keep reading, you’re intimately drawn into Jen. Her emotions are conflicted. Her attraction…it’s more than attraction. Gil is the one person she’s been able to count on in her life. He’s her rock, but those protective feelings get wrapped around intimate feelings now that she’s grown up. Like falling in love with a best friend, only Gil isn’t a friend, it’s her stepfather.

Don’t let the taboo connection stop you from reading this story. It’s not an easy journey for them and Jen has childlike moments and Gil still is in the father/parent role. But I think that’s what makes this book so engaging. I admit, I even got off a bit that she was calling him daddy. Carl was just the catalyst needed to spark some fire between Jen and Gil. I loved this story. It feeds the filthy, wicked woman inside me that loves to read about relationships outside of normal. Hot, graphic sex that left me aching, characters that touched my heart and a story that will stay on the keeper shelf with Parker’s other works.

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