More Than a Man by Emily Ryan-Davis and Elise Logan

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Scorched Sheets
Futuristic Erotic
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Blurb: Manporium. It's where women of The Future go to buy the men of their dreams...and where twice-widowed Noelle Lytton is going to buy the third man of her dreams. Like a child crafting a Christmas wish list and checking it twice, Noelle has poured every last measure of hope into the traits she's selected to make up her third husband. She's checked her list more than twice, weighed it against past mistakes and future anticipations, and as she uploads her life's savings to pay the balance, she knows it's this man or nothing.

Sometimes things don't go quite as expected at Manporium, however, and a bride's wish list is, er...subject to interpretation. A man might, for example, come out smelling like gingerbread cookies and possessing extra appendages. All of which Noelle discovers as she comes to terms with the husband who, despite mistakes, is everything she wanted and much, much more.

Review: VERY NICE! Now, I am not usually one for Sci-fi but I am sure glad that I read this one. Sexy, a bit kinky with the tentacles but hey, it worked and not in an icky way either.

This writing team did a really good job with emotion and description. There really wasn’t much left to the imagination and for that I am glad. There were a few Futuristic words but nothing that I stumbled over and they were easy to figure out what the word meant. I like that.

Overall I say that this one is totally worth it. NICE JOB!!!

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