Made to Order by L.A. Day

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Futuristic Erotic D/s
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Blurb: Sex therapy! No way will Holt ever agree to that. Not with Rebecca. They want him to go undercover at a sex-therapy club—play dominant male to her submissive female. Piece of cake for Holt. After all, he’s Cragon. But with Rebecca, the woman he has fought so hard to resist? When Mav threatens to send another man, Holt has no choice. He’ll just have to get a grip and get it done.

Once at the club, things become very hot, very fast, as they work on their “sexual problem”. Rebecca discovers that Cragon males are enhanced with some amazing physical attributes. While Holt is fighting his desire and trying to maintain control, Rebecca is determined to discover and use all his Cragon “goodies”. Secrets have kept them apart too long. Rebecca is going after her man.
Review: This is one that I liked. Even though the heroine from the start was so unlike her true personality I understood why she put on the front. L.A. did a good job explaining to me why Rebecca felt the need to portray herself as something else.

Hot, sexy and….frissions? Yes, thank you. I do believe I’ll try some  Holt is alpha, smoking and know’s what he wants…too bad he thinks he can’t have it. Made for a good story. Quick, to the point and SMOKIN’ HOT!!!!!!

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