Say It Again by Jasmine Black

Story 8
Presentation 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Contemporary M/M
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Blurb: One month before the annual fireman’s charity auction, fireman, Wade Hartman announces he’s gay. This year when he strolls down the catwalk, he wants to leave with a man. When the only bid he receives is a pity bid, Wade’s crushed, but he lets his friend take him to dinner anyway.

Real estate conglomerate, Jared Kessler’s loved Wade for years. So when he reads the article about the fireman’s charity event, he knows he has to be the winning bidder. Mistaken as an unwanted bidder, Jared refuses to give up. He wants Wade, if only for one night.

One innocent dinner turns into fiery passion. But one night isn’t enough for Wade. He wants Jared for real. The more Wade pushes, the closer he comes to discovering the deep, dark secrets of Jared’s past. Can love conquer Jared’s fears or are his wounds too deep for even love?

Review: Say It Again packs a lot of story into few pages. Wade is likeable from the opening pages. He accepts he’s gay and he’s ready to live openly. It just seems those he’s considered friends aren’t as accepting. And there is one friend, whose absence is leaving an ache in his heart.

Jared makes a very public declaration, but then in private, when he could be open and sexual with Wade, he pulls back. Is he or isn’t he interested? Sex and friendship would be best, but Wade isn’t sure they have either. The friendship is just about non-existent and the sex is unemotional and detached.

I was as confused as Wade. The story is fast and there are some heavy issues tackled in such a short piece. However, Ms. Black does a good job of giving just enough to explain the serious emotional baggage Jared carries and the fear of acceptance Wade feels. I felt a few scenes changed too quickly, but that could just be because I wanted more. Regardless of my own gluttonous appetite for emotional m/m stories, this one does satisfy at the end. (it’s good to leave a romance reader wanting more ) I have no doubt that Jared and Wade will work through Jared’s stormy past. Say It Again was a story I couldn’t put down. It was emotional and tension filled, and when it was supposed to be the sex was unsettling and when it was tender and loving, it was perfect.

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