Chocolate, Tea and the Duchess by Brita Addams

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Noble Romance
Erotic Historical
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Blurb: Phillip Allard, the Duke of Thornhill, is caught in a compromising situation not of his own making, with Lady Felicity Linden. He finds himself honor bound to marry the girl, who is twenty years his junior. Everything tells him this is a course that can only lead to heartache, for Phillip has a secret. Yes, he fancies women, but he also fancies men.

He finds physical fulfillment with Haynes, a man at the Sapphire Club, but it is only for sex. When the liaisons with the man end, Phillip meets the enigmatic and handsome Alexander Chilton, and he discovers he needs this man. His need extends beyond the sex, when he realizes how the man makes him feel.

The problem is, how does he explain this need to Felicity? Will she feel he doesn't want her? His explanation proves quite simple and poignant. Sometimes you might want a cup of chocolate in the morning and sometimes you might want tea. But there are times when you want both.

Will Felicity understand this and can Phillip live with a decision that is anything less than complete acceptance? Is there a place for another person in their marriage?

Review: WOW, so here is where I will admit to you all that I grabbed this book without reading the blurb. I have read another in this series, found it amazing, I adore Ms Addams work so when I saw this one come across I snapped it up.

I was shocked, aroused, I cried, I longed…I am in awe. I am not very big on m/m, just isn’t one of my favorite genres. But I have to say of all the m/m/f or f/m/m or m/f/m that I have read, this one tops the list. Ms Addams did a wonderful job of pulling me in and making me want and crave all the characters. I saw them all in their own light and variations of combined lights. What a wonderfully refreshing eye opener for me. Perhaps I shall have to seek out more stories like this one

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Brita Addams said...

WOW! Back at you. I could write for the next ten years and not get such a wonderful review. I am pleased you enjoyed the story. This one is my favorite of the Sapphire Club series, if one can choose a favorite child.

I always love it when someone can show me a genre I didn't think I would care for and I am thrilled that I could do that for you. There are some wonderful m/m stories from some amazing authors.

Thanks for such a wonderful review. It ended my day on a very positive note.

Brita Addams

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