Diva-licious by Brindle Chase

Story 8.5
Presentation 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: Taryn Blaze is the reigning queen of rock-n-roll. An ultimate diva who's never been refused anything or anyone--until the hunky security guard doesn't show at the prescribed time, dressed in the white silk boxers her assistant had delivered to him. Outraged, Taryn does what she always does when she doesn't get her way--she throws a tantrum.

Derek Abrahms, a locally hired security guard, is thrilled when Taryn notices him, but instead of recognizing him from her past, she orders him to her hotel room for a night of lusty passion. Determined to teach the diva a lesson, he does what no man has ever done before--he denies the goddess.

When Taryn unleashes her prima dona temper, can Derek remind her of the sweet girl she once was? Or is his Diva-Licious just too wild to tame?

Review: Oh what a fun romp. Diva-licious was everything the blurb promised and more. Maybe I was just in the mood for a sassy story with a stubborn, sexy-as-hell hero who knew what he wanted and went for it. Taryn is everything the title implies. She’s testy and indulgent. The story is a bit predicable and I have to say I was glad for that. I knew what was coming and wasn’t disappointed when the characters did what was expected. Derek is super sexy and Taryn might be a diva, but she’s also a woman. He’s worth tempering her attitude. It was fun to see her put in her place…because she needed someone to want her for something more than what she presented on the surface. And the only less than perfect part of the story is that I would have loved it even more if they had a more intimate history, at least friends or perhaps a one night stand from high school. There is some connection, but not a close connection. Diva-licious was a story I couldn’t put down. I definitely look forward to more from Brindle!

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Brindle Chase said...

Thank you SR for the amazing review. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the story.

Brindle Chase

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