Carnal Connections by Berengaria Brown

Story 7.5
Presentation 9
Total Score: 16.5
Publisher: Breathless Press
Contemporary Erotic Romance, M/M/M
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Blurb: Ithiel meets Jason and Toby at a wedding, and a night of hot passion follows. But what will happen the next morning?

Jason is darkly handsome and delicious. Toby is quicksilver lightness and fun—and Ithiel wants them both. But can three men form an ongoing relationship, or is one night all they will ever have?

Review: This is a short piece of erotic fiction. An introduction, a set-up, hot sex and a nice ending. The sex is vividly described, the dialog and pacing is nice. The problem with short stories is that you don’t get to know the characters well and the only thing that makes them distinct is their names. Even with that, Carnal Connections was a titillating sexual tale between three men. A story to pick up and to get turned on.

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