Blush: A Story of Dominance and Submission by Jenika Snow

Story 8.5
Presentation 8
Total: 16.5
Publisher: Siren
Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary
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Blurb: When Kasia is taken to the BDSM club, Cimmerian, by her friend, she doesn’t realize that she isn’t the only one with dark fantasies. When she is approached by a Dom only known as Master, she doesn’t know if she is really ready to experience what she has always fantasized about.

Through him she is tempted with erotic pleasures, and tantalized with experiences that she has only dreamed about. Tonight is when she will finally know what it means be fully dominated, while she lets her mind and body submit.

Review: Holy smoke! I’m on fire from reading this story. From the moment Kasia’s Master makes his appearance in the story, I was as invested as she was. Each turn of the page heightens the anticipation. Every demand and every acquiescence endeared me to both characters. The sex is freaking scorching. I was in the room; I felt the tenuous hold Kasia had on her desires. She wanted to experience BSDM but fearful of what submission and punishment would mean for her. The story unfolded with such ease. Blush is well-written, has great characters, a naughty edge and while the underlying mystery was expected, it didn’t deter from the revelations at the end. This is an easy recommend for those who love a hot BDSM scene.

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