Hunter’s Moon Magic by Sandra Sookoo

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 16
Publisher: Liquid Silver
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Blurb: Judith Goode, wrongly accused of witchcraft during the trials in 1600 Massachusetts, casts a spell on the black velvet dress she intended to wear for her lover’s return. If she can’t realize true love then she wants to ensure that any woman who wears the dress will, but fate has other plans.

Even though Judith is now in ghost form, her quest to unite her soul with her lover’s burns strong. The enchanted dress has survived for two hundred years and is now in the hands of Carolina Cox who wears it to a masquerade where she meets Paul Brown. Love blooms and is realized, yet life’s problems prevent a perfect match.

Disheartened through the years, Judith gives the attempt one last time in modern day Indianapolis by putting the dress in the hands of Jacob Howson, one of her last living ancestors. He’s a computer programmer looking for love and finds it by literally running into Lexy Brown at a dry cleaner.

Sometimes your destiny can be found under the light of a Hunter’s Moon.

Review: A very interesting tale that involves more than two characters.

I enjoyed the intertwined stories and the way I was able to follow the journey from beginning to end. While I felt this story could have been a show stopper had it been longer and more in depth, the short, condensed version that came in this story was not a loss :) Ms Sookoo did a good job showing the journey and making the characters come to life.

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