Creep by Storm Grant

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 8.5
Total: 17
Publisher: eXcessica
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Blurb: Yuppie bounder Ash likes fast cars, shallow friendships, and really brief encounters with beautiful women. He meets his match, though, in sexy cyber-witch Elena. Unlike other women he’s bedded, Elena holds all the power. She’s demanding, selfish, and so, so good in bed. Of course she dumps him the minute he declares his love. It’s only karmic justice, after all, and this tale is all about karmic justice.

It turns out that heartbreak is good for the soul, and Ash learns his lesson, developing depth, a personality, and maybe even some integrity. The new, improved Ash meets and falls for good-girl Virginia, and discovers good girls can be good in bed, too.

But, of course, Elena returns, using dark magicks and sexual trickery to pursue the man she never wanted in the first place… until somebody else did. Will she win Ash back or will Virginia triumph in the bedroom battle of good girl vs. dark power?

Or will anyone emerge unscathed?

Warnings: This title contains graphic sex, and sexual trickery which might be considered mild non-con.

Review: Witty, laugh-out-loud creepy :) A real winner.

Storm penned a tale that was not only clever in the way it was written but able to keep my attention from start to finish without my mind wandering. Captivating, creepy, interesting, imaginative… and so much more. This one really got me in the mood for things that go bump in the night.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this seriously awesome review.

I took a chance on CREEP with a different kind of voice and unusual ending. I'm delighted you liked it.

Thanks, again.
~ Storm

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