Just This Night by Juliet Cardin

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Breathless Press
Paranormal erotic romance
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Blurb: Genna Cosworth, a five-hundred-year-old witch overcome by loneliness, casts a beauty spell upon herself in an effort to find love—even if it’s just for one night.

Richard Barrentine is a man any woman could fall in love with: tall, dark, and irresistibly handsome. The pair spend a passionate evening together, but when the midnight hour draws near, Genna realizes she cannot live without him.

Desperate, Genna comes to the only conclusion a witch in her position could…she has to freeze time.

But can she live with herself after having brought light and love to her life by plunging the remainder of the world into darkness for an eternity? Perhaps the better question is can Richard give his heart to the woman who, for him, is willing to do just that?

Review: This is a good Halloween story. Genna is a bit of a tortured soul. She pines for what she doesn’t have, but luckily she’s a witch and there is a spell that can give her one night of what she desperately needs. Physical attention and to be attractive. This is a super short story and it’s tough to give a review without giving away spoilers. So my view is that the beginning was bogged down a bit and read a little slow. There was too much time spent on the lead up to the real story that kicks in about half way through. Once that happens, the story is engaging, sexy, full of twists, turns and revelations. Once Genna and Richard are introduced together, it’s fast and entertaining. There were a few moments where I was sure I knew where the story was going, but Ms. Cardin offered surprises at the end that made this story not only a great paranormal story, but a love story as well.

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