Don’t Tell by Eve Cassidy

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: eXcessica
Gay Male Contemporary
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Blurb: For Jeff Ward, keeping his sexual preference a secret from his platoon was of utmost importance. But being celibate was never in his plan. So when tension and frustration are at the breaking point he takes some advice and heads out of town for a quick chance to blow off steam.

On the brink of super stardom, Finn has sworn off getting involved with anyone. Especially the tall, muscled Marine that just walked into the pub. He has a career to think of and he’d already been burned once by the infamous ‘Don’t Tell’ policy of the Corps.

Despite their differences, one song later both men realize some rules are meant to be broken, sudden lust can’t be denied and random encounters aren’t always as random as they seem…

Review: From the first lines of the story, you know Jeff’s inner struggle is going to be emotional. I liked him immediately and was quickly invested in his story. Finn has concerns and worries. Although a rising star, he isn’t shallow or unfeeling. The attraction between them is strong and as a reader, I felt the longing from both characters. The chemistry was instant and I couldn’t wait for the fireworks.

Don’t Tell is hot. There is plenty of vividly described sex. The characters are likeable. I thought this was a good story.

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Katalina Leon said...

Eve Cassidy is a writer to watch. She's really coming on strong with emotion based M/M. Congratulations Eve!

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