Fiction by Parker Ford

Story 9
Presentation 9
Total: 18
Publisher: eXcessica
Contemporary Erotica
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Blurb: Julianne just wants that old spark back in her marriage. Her husband Logan is too preoccupied with making their business bloom. When she's rebuffed one too many times she does some soul searching. Her search leads her accidentally to a very handsome man with a dominant streak a mile wide. Who wants her. Really wants her in a way that excites her to no end.

Julianne is shocked to see how far she will go for Max and how readily she falls under his spell. Even from the first moment where she admits that she's looking for something and she thinks it's him, she acts with a pure lusty reckless streak she's never experienced. Max pushes her to a place, both emotionally and sexually she's never imagined. Julianne would do just about anything to please him. Even after her husband finds out.

The ultimate question becomes will her affair with Max bring Julianne and Logan closer together or be the final straw in their struggling marriage?

Warnings: This book contains instances of m/m sex, ménage, bondage, anal sex, corporal punishment and infidelity.

Review: Parker has a way with words that endears the reader to the characters even when the characters are flawed in a way that might make them unlikeable in normal circumstances. The words on the page are seductive. The story unfolds in aching clarity. I felt Julianne’s frustration yet my heart broke when she allowed herself to be swept into an affair of the body while her love remained with Logan. I wanted to smack Logan upside the head. Taking Julianne for granted, thinking marriage protected what was his, could cost him more than he even realizes.

The tale sizzles, but the tension of the situations had me on the edge of my seat. I felt as if I was having the affair, waiting for the secrets to be exposed and wishing Julianne would be more careful because I didn’t her to betray Logan—I didn’t want her to get caught. But Max is so damn appealing. I wanted to have sex with him! I wanted to be Julianne yet I couldn’t stand her. I wasn’t sure about the ending, but I thought the emotional responses of Logan and Julianne were realistic. To read this story is to soar over peaks and plummet into valleys.

I love a story that makes me forget I’m reading, makes me feel like I’m part of the characters a leaves me longing for more well after the final page is turned. I want to feel a story, even when it makes me uncomfortable. Fiction is just this kind of story. This was a book I found impossible to put down.

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