Dangerous Exposure by Lina Gardiner

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Spicy Paranormal
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Blurb: If Angela Grace, reporter for The Postulator, hadn’t seen the gorgeous naked man with her own eyes—and shot some rousing photographs to boot—who would have believed her? Yet, there he stood in all his glory staring up at the full moon in the deep woods of the Colorado foothills. It wasn’t until the tabloid ran the titillating photo on the cover that she found out, Blaze Trent, reclusive millionaire in question, took issue with his privacy being sold to pay Angela’s rent. Worse, the article in her paper not only exposed him, but her wild speculations exposed the vulnerable wards he protected and put her life in unthinkable danger as well. But over night, Blaze changed everything Angela believed in and her world would never be the same again—without him.

Review: When I cracked this one open I was super excited. The blurb made my mouth water. I read…I got sucked in…I wanted more…then I got a bit of a shock.

The beginning and middle of the story flow very well. They move at a good pace and everything seems…logical :) Ok, at least as logical as a paranormal is supposed to be  I hit a snag later in the story, though when it seemed to me that all of a sudden I was surrounded by emotions that for me seemed to come from nowhere and without a very good explanation. I think had it been a bit longer and if she had been at his home longer, perhaps had I seen a bit more interaction between them after that I might not have felt so rushed to get to the “I love you’s”.
Even though the end left me wanting, the story was still cute and one that I enjoyed.

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