Dave and Nancy’s Story by Kate Richards

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: Solstice
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb:What happens when a nice, engaged woman finds out that her conservative, lawyer fiancé is a member of the notorious Carnivore Club? She recreates herself and arrives at the club in full bondage attire, leather and lace from head to foot. And aware of desires she never knew she had. Dave is going to have to move fast if he wants to stay on Nancy’s radar.

Review: What would you do in the name of love? That is the question that Nancy asks herself in this one. CAUTION: there may be spoilers in this review!

It starts off super hot…then has a big middle with a makeover. She has discovered that her fiancé goes to a sex club once a week. She gets help from some of the women who are members and they do a makeover without Dave’s knowledge. She gets all ready and goes to the club and when she finds Dave (who doesn’t know she has discovered his “club” meeting are for a sex club) she gets pissed when he asks what she’s doing there. I think I would have gotten pissed long before that point….like maybe when I first discovered that the man I am about to marry goes to a sex club every week? I think I would have been plotting torture methods instead of buying a fetish outfit and getting a sexy makeover. But that’s just me.

So anyway she gets mad. He tries to explain but digs his hole a bit deeper. What he refers to as vanilla strikes me more as a bit kinky but not overly so if I can judge their sex life by the first sex scene. Then everything melts away and there is some more sex but for me the second sex scene was less kinky than the first even though all the cards were on the table by the second scene. I am just not sure that the story was fully realized. Several parts felt rushed, almost like a means to an end.

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