Nana's Little Black Book by Shannon Leigh

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5
Publisher: Audio Lark
Erotic Paranormal
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Blurb: A firm believer in alternative medicine, Catrina’s recently deceased grandmother had a tincture or tea to cure everything from sore throats to insomnia.

But when Catrina discovers a secret vault beneath the braided carpet in Nana’s room, one filled with various artifacts of magic, to say she was befuddled would be an understatement. What secrets had died with her mysterious Nana? And what ones would she discover within this strange treasure trove?

One item in particular draws her attention, a little black book that seems widely out of place. As she investigates this strange tome, Catrina discovers that it’s a phone book for summoning a male demon who will carry out whatever duty the bookkeeper requires of him.

Inadvertently, her fingers brush the calling pad within, bringing forth Malthus, the Earl of Hell. While his previous tasks for her Nana mainly included general carpentry, Malthus plans on fulfilling some of Catrina’s more carnal needs as well…

Review: Audio books rock. The ease and convenience of listening while you do something, anything else makes them cool. Wanna listen to a super sexy, hot and spicy one? Make sure the kids aren't around :)

Naughty Nana!  WOW This one was a total turn on and then some. Dominant demons, Hot sex and just one woman who controls them with a book. YEAH BABY!!!!!  Nana's Little Black Books wasn't a boring listen to be sure. I am not sure how many times I became so focused on the story that I totally spaced and the words where the only thing resonating in my mind. NICE!!!

The narrator did a good job telling the story in a way that flowed and worked well. All in all a good story and product :)

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