Blackened by Christina Jade Loren

Story: 7
Presentation: 9
Total: 16
Publisher: Breathless Press
Erotic Paranormal m/m
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Blurb: Damien loves every aspect of his life as a vampire, except feeding time. That's when his conscience decides to turn on, and he must face his dark cravings—alone. He had it all under control until Nathan disappeared one night. Damien's control is slipping on the beast inside, and he needs Nathan now more than ever. If only he didn't suspect his lover of betrayal.

Two battles must be fought. One of the heart, and one of the soul. Will Damien's fear become a reality, and the urge to kill blacken his heart before Nathan can bring him home?

Review: I loved the premise of this story. It’s short and as expected with short stories, there isn’t much time to pack much in. I think that’s why this story didn’t come together all the way for me. We do get to know Damien because there is a lot of introspection. But that created drawn out sections when I really wanted more of Damien and Nathan. They spent a good portion of the book apart. Because Ms. Loren is a talented writer, even through the story dragged and wasn’t exciting for me, it’s still easy to read. A well written story but one that just didn’t have punch. The sex at the end is hot and erotically graphic but a bit anticlimactic as the heart of the story has been resolved and the sex was just a manifestation that they were indeed together. Blackened is a good story and worth reading.

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