Love is the Color of Blood by Tessa Buxton

Story: 6
Presentation: 8
Total: 14
Publisher: eXcessica
GLBT Paranormal
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Blurb: Dean was a vampire hunter who caught the eye of the master of the local kiss. He hates what he has become and the terrible realisation that he might need his nameless Master and what he offers, permanence.

Warnings: This title contains graphic m/m sex with a bdsm twist.

Review: While I loved the premise of the story and I connected to Dean, I didn’t jibe with the way the story was written. Rapid scene changes left me hanging. I had a hard time knowing how much time was passing and the setting wasn’t described enough to anchor me into the scene. However, I was entrenched in Dean’s head and this was his story. I did love the intimacy of his emotional connection to the vampire.

I wish the sex scenes hadn’t been so abrupt. There were moments when the story simmered but never reached a boil. I didn’t feel it, but I think this happened because the story is told in present tense. All that said, I still liked and enjoyed the story. I loved the struggle for control and the power Dean has in submission.

This story had great potential and delivered on some aspects.

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