Beg for More by AJ Hardcourt

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Demanding Romance
GLBT Contemporary
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Blurb: It’s late, he’s hungry, but Ash Kellen has more on his mind than food. His name is Levi Selvin.

After hours, alone in the office, Ash realizes there is more than lust for work simmering between them.
Once Levi gives him a taste, Ash wants more—even if he has to beg for it.

Review: OMG!! I have never wanted to be a guy so bad in my life :)
Hot, Sexy and SMOKIN' HOT!!!!!! Not only did this little number rock the walls with steamy lovin' but the men behind the sex were "real" and easy to relate to. With real life problems and issues that made them....well, more real. The story was easy to get sucked into and the sex made it GREAT to stay :)
Oh, AJ, I can't wait to see what you tempt us with next :)


Demanding Romance said...

thank you for reading Beg For More. Your review is humbling and I appreciate the kind words.

A. Jay

KyAnn said...

Congrats AJ

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