First and Ten by Fran Lee

Story: 8
Presentation: 8
Total: 16
Publisher: Resplendence
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: What Fran Jamison and Jack Gerrard have in common, you could balance on the head of a pin. And to make things worse, Jack blew his chances to hell back in High School with the BBW.

Neither goes to their 10th college reunion expecting sparks to fly, but when they collide in the airport, painful old memories quickly evaporate to make way for two people desperately needing to scratch 12-year-old itches.

Jack royally blew it when he let other people's opinions stop him from pursuing the 5'11" bombshell so many years back, and by the time he realized he was a jackass and tried to apologize, a traumatized and hurt Fran had shredded his ego in public, leaving him to lick his wounds and move on.

She thought she would hate him on sight. She didn't. She thought she could walk away. She couldn't. She certainly didn't expect to find herself making out like a madwoman on the hood of a borrowed car in the airport parking ramp. But she did expect one thing...she was not going to walk away again. Not when he was so damn good at scratching those itches...

Review: Have you ever wondered what could have been with that guy? You know the one, the one you just can't seen to stop thinking about no matter how much time has passed?

I enjoy a good second chance story. Always have. They story was well written, hot (in true Fran Lee style) and meaningful. two characters overcome bumps along the way and insecurities to find their way to satisfaction in the end.

I bought the story and the situations, the conflict and the resolution, but at times I didn't really believe it. But as a whole, it was a good read and I would recommend it.

*SNAPS* Ms Lee on another story added to an already impressive portfolio.


Fran Lee said...

Heh heh heh! Believe it! I saw it happen to an old pal. Well...maybe not the sex on the restaurant carpet...LOL! Thanks for a great review!

Lee Blackhorse said...

I have read this one, and loved the characters, the story, and everything. And I know things like this can and do happen.'s fiction, remember? Romance is fantasy and fiction and whoo hooo wrapped up in a sexy read.

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