Games by Parker Ford

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18
Publisher: Republica Press
Erotic Contemporary
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Blurb: After more than a decade of marriage it comes down to honest exploration. Two of his fantasies, two of hers. Four games total before they're all done. What starts as common fodder for sexual fantasy escalates with each scenario as Brett and Alexandra delve deeper into their urges. Each game grows more intense until they wonder if they are pushing the limits of their marriage.

Ultimately, the question for Brett and Alexandra is this: Will their games put a wedge between them forever or bring them even closer together?

Warning: This work contains public sex, non-consent, f/f sex, m/m/f sex, abduction scenarios, corporal punishment and explicit sex and language.

Review: OMG, She was played, teased, schooled and abused. He was strong, weak, jealous and secure. I’ve never been tugged in so many directions in one story. It was scary, thrilling, disturbing and holy shit, stimulating. Provocative, dangerous, exhilarating, and risky. Let me see how many other conflicting words I can use to describe GAMES. I read the pages of the PDF, wondering how far the author could push my personal envelope. I admit to loving the kink, the disturbing, and even the bizarre. But what I read in GAMES challenged my concept of arousing. There were sections where I was bothered more by my responses than the actual acts committed by Brett and Alex.

I loved it! And when I was supposed to, I hated it. (yes, this is a good thing.) There are aspects of the story that are supposed to bother the reader, it they don’t, the story wouldn’t challenge my perceptions of fantasy and reality. The sex was titillating when it should be…and when it shouldn’t. Oh, I can’t tell you more because the pleasure was in the unfurling of both lust and regrets. The characters come to life within the pages. In the end, Brett and Alex realize there are images that will never leave their minds, memories that won’t fade. But will those memories make them stronger or tear them apart. You’ll have to read GAMES to discover what I have.

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