Uncle Ed's Lap by Parker Ford

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 7
Total: 15.5
Publisher: eXcessica
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Blurb: Fiona volunteers to help her recently widowed uncle get his house in order before starting her freshman year of college. Uncle Ed and aunt Carole are two of her favorite people in the world. While trying to help her grieving uncle, she doesn't expect her school girl crush to turn into a torrid affair, but it does. She doesn't expect him to want her at all, but he does, more than he can handle. And as her uncle struggles with the thoughts of wanting and having his niece in so many ways, Fiona struggles to show him that it's all okay. That she's not a little girl any more.

Warnings: This title contains explicit sex and language, incest, spanking, shades of erotic asphyxiation, bondage, elements of non-consent.

Review: OMG, my toes wanted to curl from the title alone and I wasn’t sure they were curling for the right reason, but I admit, I’m a little twisted and I like my stories a little twisted. I can get every day average at home in my real life. I’d rather have my accepted thinking altered by a book that makes me reevaluate life and love.

This book taps into the dark and dirty little place we all keep a forbidden fantasy locked away. Yes, there were elements in the story that made me squirm, and yes for both the hot sexual tension, erotic scenes and the hot uncle, but also because the story doesn’t shy away from the awkwardness that comes from becoming involved with a person always considered family.

The writing is smooth and titillating. The sex is sometimes passionate, but also rife with anger and guilt. Parker did a wonderful job incorporating a taboo subject with arousing sexual content with the sometimes-unexpected places a person can find love and comfort.

Don’t shy away from Uncle Ed’s Lap because of the content warning or you will miss out on a wonderful story that will have you sweating with the steamy love scenes and emotionally poignant moments between Fiona and Ed

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