Wait Four Me by Milena Gomez

Story: 4
Presentation: 9
Total: 13
Publisher: Written Expressions

Blurb: In this follow up to "Moan For Me", vivacious Leslie and her lover Tom Parker, the former bartender of Parker's Place, are challenged on their sexual but serious relationship. Tom's parents don't agree on their love, but things get out of hand when ex-boyfriend Mark is in for revenge. Who will win and who will lose, when there's more than a crowd? And are both Leslie and Tom willing to wait for each other?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.
Review: I wish I could have given this story a higher score because the author does know how to string words together. The characters are well developed, the pacing is easy to read and the descriptions make the setting easy to see.

The problem for me with this story is that I found the characters unlikable and the story to have little plot or concept. I kept thinking all the angst with the parents was going to go somewhere, but it doesn’t. They are just jerks and Tom allows it. They have no reason for not liking Leslie. They’ve never met her and Tom doesn’t talk to them often so they can’t know much about what is happening in his life. There is some redemption at the end, but it wasn’t satisfying. He doesn’t make a leap of faith but rather has the facts and truth before he goes after her. I can make a mental stretch and say that yes, the love elements and the personal conflict for the characters are there. Leslie is ready for “forever” and Tom might be, but to risk forever he must subject Leslie to his horrible parents.

There were other problems as well. I never got the deal with the bar. The bar was closed, (but wasn’t) and Tom didn’t seem to have any other direction in his life. I didn’t understand why Leslie wanted him to close the bar. I understood that there was some sort of conflict with a minor character Archer, but what that threat was I’m not sure. The backstory provided contributed little to the understanding of their history.

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