Repossession by Elise Hepner

Story: 8
Presentation: 9
Total: 17
Publisher: eXcessica
Contemporary Erotica

Blurb: Mina knows that after several years with her vanilla husband she's never going to get the hot and heady sexual experiences she craves unless she looks elsewhere. During their divorce Mina is willing to risk everything for a heart pounding, head exploding orgasm. She embarks on a sexual journey of self fulfillment and submission that could only play out in her wildest fantasies. There is no turning back.

Warnings: This title contains strong language, kidnap scenario, BDSM and mindgames.

Review: We all have dark fantasies, the ones we rarely tell even our closest confidants, the ones we barely admit to ourselves. Reading Repossession was like delving into those dark desires, feeling the fear and realizing that fantasy isn’t reality. Mina wants to play, but fantasy isn’t always a game. Sometimes the risks are greater than anticipated, but the reward can be something never expected. For a mental trip that plays with dangerous desires, read Repossession. The suspense will leave you quivering.

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Fran Lee said...

I love romantic suspense...I'll go check this one out!

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