Fifteen Minutes to Live by Dakota Trace

Story: 7.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 16.5
Publisher: eXcessica

Blurb: With her kids grown and gone, erotic author, Dannie Marion is thrilled when her publisher has invited her to participate in a publicity promotion for them. After joking around and telling her agent she'd love to interview Seanlaoch Conner, the Scottish actor who'd fueled many of her adolescent fantasies, she never dreamed they'd come through. Now in his sixties, Seanloach rarely gave interviews and was quite reclusive. She doubted he would lured out of his self imposed exile for a simple interview with her.

When the call came telling her to pack her bags and head to London, she was both shocked and excited. It wasn't every day a girl got to interview the man of her fantasies. After arriving to start her interview with Seanlaoch a horrible accident occurs at Her Majesty's Naval Base and experts say that the citizens of London have no way of escaping the coming tragedy.

Then Seanlaoch makes an offer to live their last minutes to the fullest, Dannie is very tempted. How can she refuse? After all she only has fifteen minutes to live.

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, piercings, sex, and violence.

Review: The story had a nice set up, but the content soon becomes toxic. I think the author brilliantly penned a tale that if anyone were faced with the choice of what to do for their last 15 minutes of life, would agree with Dannie and Sean. Sex. Hard, gritty and deliciously tingly. But I was troubled by some aspects. Attention was brought to some details that didn’t have relevance to the encounter. I won’t spoil the ending but I found it cliché. However the beginning and the middle do hold up the story and make it enjoyable and worth reading.

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